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  • Heika Rola

    Heika Rola

  • Fleur Linden

    Fleur Linden

    I used to worry what others thought of me, and do what society expected of me. Now I listen to my gut, and do what's right, and I am immeasurably more joyful.

  • Blake Coleman

    Blake Coleman

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner of STEM Search Group. Technical recruiting and executive search since 2005, sourcing fanatic, and gadget geek.

  • Liambrennan


  • Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.

    Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.

    Educator || Youth Development Advocate || Technology Solutions Provider. I train, teach, mentor, and consult on making the best of technology.

  • Nathan Swift

    Nathan Swift

    Discover & Book Adventure — Activities, Attraction Tickets.

  • Heike Sitte

    Heike Sitte

  • Harris Sockel

    Harris Sockel

    deputy editor, human parts @medium. human being.

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